August 2015, Hong Kong

The French founders and inventors of the MeReal Biometrics powered card today announced Hong Kong as the new headquarters for their technology company.

MeReal Biometrics Limited is officially a Hong Kong entity and all assets in the original Paris based company, MeReal France, are now owned by MeReal Biometrics.

“We are proud to be a Hong Kong company. Rolling out our technology from Asia made great sense to us. We are working with several China-based companies and we see a very bright future in Asia. Hong Kong has welcomed us with open arms; it is now time to share our best technology,” said Chairman, Patrick Partouche.

The company is launching its patented powered card, which combines fingerprint, acoustic, and energy-harvesting technology on traditional payments and access cards, making them secure and easy to use.

“We are excited to bring our French technology to Hong Kong. The response from the Asian Fintech and Access industries have been extremely positive and we look forward to many successful partnerships in the region”, said Co-Founder, Philippe Blot.

MeReal Biometrics Limited is a Hong Kong private company dedicated to inventing disruptive and revolutionary biometric solutions in access and authentication. In 2009, Chairman Patrick Partouche, invented the disruptive powered card which included a fingerprint reader and Acoustic/RFID dual channel authentication, plus energy-harvesting technology for recharging built-in batteries. After five years of research and development, the MeReal Biometrics card can be used anytime, anywhere and anyplace. Not limited to online and high-tech devices, the Acoustic one-time password transmits on computer and tablet microphones as well as on the world’s 8 billion phone lines (from smartphones to fixed lines). It is simple to use, accurate, and replaces pin codes and passwords. The MeReal Biometrics card technology is protected by global patents. | +852 34604286