Friday 29th June, 2018 (Hong Kong) – Advanced security technology company MeReal Biometrics Ltd and Hong Kong’s Unikeys Ltd together announce an exciting new partnership to provide people on the street with a battery powered and patented fingerprint card that they can use like any payment card to store their cryptocurrencies and transact without passwords, pin codes or signatures.

In a world first, the Unikeys card known as the “UKey” will give vital protection to an individual’s cryptocurrencies in an easy to use card or “hardware wallet” that can be used with any brand, model or type of mobile phone; on any tablet, or on a Unikeys payment reader.

The UKey card contains the MeReal Biometrics patented technology to make transacting digital currency a part of everyday life for all people.

• with a fingerprint sensor, the UKey card can only be used by its cardholder
• the fingerprint sensor replaces the need to provide further authentication
• the UKey card can be used in contact AND contactless mode

The UKey card is a unique and portable vault that stores cryptocurrencies and tokens by ensuring the digital passwords known as “private keys” are highly protected. Existing hardware wallets are USB devices however many users still keep their keys on paper wallets or in their personal devices like laptops or smartphones which, if lost, are irretrievable. Some cryptocurrency holders keep their private keys on their online currency exchange platforms leaving them exposed to hackers. The UKey’s superior technology also provides a solution to recovering private keys if a card is lost or stolen.

“Despite the endless number of applications our card addresses, since we launched this technology, it has always created a buzz in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. However the team at Unikeys stood out as an ideal partner for us because both companies strive to enhance daily life while upholding privacy and safety through technology,” said Patrick Partouche, Chairman & Co-Founder of MeReal Biometrics Ltd.

“We chose to partner with MeReal Biometrics because they have unrivaled experience in powered smart cards and their patented technology, when embedded and transformed into the UKey card solution, will allow merchants and consumers to accept and make cryptocurrency payments easily, quickly and safely anytime of the day from anywhere in the world,” said Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO & Co-Founder, Unikeys HK Limited.

Unikeys offers a range of payment solutions not limited only to the UKey card. A Unikeys Wallet, a Merchant App and a payment terminal, called the Unikeys Reader will together provide end-to-end solutions connecting the blockchain ecosystem to every merchant and business in developing and developed markets. The compatibility with existing devices and the flexibility of using the Unikeys Reader and payment processor allow merchants to have complete control over their funds and exposure.

“Our objective at Unikeys is to build bridges between cryptocurrencies or tokens and traditional networks, encouraging and supporting the adoption of cryptocurrencies for everyone – individuals, enterprises large and small, NGOs and governments – willing to utilise the many different blockchain ecosystems,” said Alexandre Tabbakh from Unikeys.

To fund the development of its products and platforms, Unikeys is raising funds in a private token sale. A public sale or Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) will be launched on a date to be fixed.

MeReal Biometrics Limited is a Hong Kong private company dedicated to changing lives with a revolutionary bio-metric smart card. In 2009 in France, Chairman Patrick Partouche invented a powered card that combines a fingerprint reader, with an acoustic channel as well as traditional contact / contactless technology, plus energy-harvesting or recharging built-in batteries. Today the patented payments and access card can be used anytime, anywhere, any place. The company moved to Hong Kong in 2015 where it set-up its global headquarters to launch the technology to the world.

Unikeys HK Limited is a Hong Kong private company giving all people, merchants, enterprises and governments access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain powered ecosystems. Introducing the first biometric hardware wallet to market, a fingerprint card called the UKey that stores cryptocurrencies, secures transactions effortlessly and makes digital currency payments part of everyday life. The UKey card is the face of a greater Unikeys merchant ecosystem that enables smooth, affordable and frictionless experiences. Unikeys connects traditional financial systems to the blockchain, empowering businesses and transforming their approach to the new crypto-economy.

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