Wednesday 19th December, 2018 (Hong Kong) – Innovation technology company MeReal Biometrics is pleased to announce new members joining their team in Asia and France.


Ms Jun Cheng joins as Chief Representative Asia & Pacific Rim to manage all the manufacturing relationships and quality control. Jun brings her extensive history in the smartcard industry to MeReal Biometrics. She spent the last 8 years with the UINT team in France building the MeReal Biometrics technology, handling business development and project management throughout Asia. She has relocated to Asia, basing herself in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Jun has a PhD in electronics, having completed her thesis in 2010 on “Nano-Material” at The Lyon Institute of Nanotechnology in France. She is fluent in French, Mandarin and English.

“We are very excited to have Jun onboard, and based in Asia, closer to our suppliers. She has a deep understanding of our patented technology and her experience will greatly impact customer satisfaction. Although we are a Hong Kong company, our roots are French and her ability to manage production in Asia while understanding the French development team’s vision is extremely valuable,” said Philippe Blot, CEO and Co-Founder.


Mr Didier Mobetie joins as Head of Research & Development, also from UINT where he spent the last 10 years designing and developing the patented MeReal Biometrics card along with many other fingerprint cards, banking acoustic cards and powered gift and gaming cards. Didier brings impressive experience in thin electronics, low power circuits, flexible electronics, micro-controller programming, PCB design, patent writing, security, encryption, display on cards, signing processing and manufacturing with strong supplier relationships. He graduated from France’s ENSEA (2002) with a masters degree in electronic engineering. Didier is based in Paris.

“We are fortunate to have Didier heading our R&D team, he has been key to our card’s creation and development and we wish him a  very warm welcome to our growing team,” said Philippe.


The MeReal Biometrics version 2.1 is currently in production, having been launched in June last year. The version 2.1 card’s improved features include:

  • smaller sensor
  • enrolment takes less than 10 seconds on the card
  • in everyday use the identity is matched via the sensor within one second
  • multi-finger enrolment
  • NFC compatibility

The MeReal Biometrics card, manufactured in Asia and France, already features the standard technology that everyday access and payment cards carry such as RFID (radio frequency identification), NFC (near field communication), and EMV (the EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa standard) chip technology. With the added fingerprint sensor, acoustic one-time password and battery power, these cards have unlimited applications 24 hours a day. Use them in all contact modes, all contactless modes or on any device with a microphone, including the world’s 9 billion telephone lines (from smartphones to fixed lines). Plus the cardholder’s fingerprint is stored only in his/her card, not in a database.



MeReal Biometrics Limited is a Hong Kong private company dedicated to changing lives with a revolutionary biometric smart card. In 2009 in France, Chairman Patrick Partouche invented a powered card that combines a fingerprint reader, acoustic/RFID dual channel authentication, plus energy-harvesting technology for recharging built-in batteries. Today the patented payments and access card can be used anytime, anywhere, any place. The company moved to Hong Kong in 2015 where it set-up its global headquarters to launch the technology to the world.


For more information please contact:

MeReal Biometrics (Hong Kong)
Ms Kate Davies, Head of Marketing, +(852) 2891 7484